About Us


Your business and your experience are valued at Prime Automation. Working with us means you'll get the right results in the best possible quality. We offer a clear no-nonsense approach to business process transformation. If your business is handling a dynamic load of requests, or managing a delicate customer journey, or running a set of business functions from source-to-value, then you're at the right place.

What is Prime Automation?

Prime Automation is a Digital Process Operations business. We serve our business clients with Business Process Services, Process Technology Solutions, and Digital Capability Development. In June 2020 we released our first SaaS product Prime DigitalOps to customers.

Hi, I'm Roger Berkley

I started Prime Automation in 2017.

Business Process Services

A complete life-cycle for continual process improvement. We work closely with you and your teams the needs for business and process improvement, we model your operational processes, analyse process performance, and design value-added, optimized, and automated business process solutions.

Process Technology Solutions

Our BPM/RPA/IPA Solutions transforms your manual and siloed business processes to automated and streamlined ones. We design process-aware solutions with cutting-edge automation architectures and according to industry best practices. We configure and deliver robotic and intelligent process software to your operating business environment. Our Cloud-based Prime DigitalOps empowers your business with state of the art digital process operations features.

Digital Operations Capability Development

Our DigitalOps capability services are focused on the introduction and adoption of process-orientation, and robotic or intelligent process automation as organizational capabilities to your business. We guide your journey to building your first DigitalOps Center of Excellence (CoE). With concrete operating models, governance structures, management processes, and defined roles and responsibilities. We extend our advisory services with role-based training for the members of your CoE.

Cloud-based Digital Process Operations Software

The best-in-class software to manage and scale your Digital Operations. Delivered as a service, Prime DigitalOps™ or PrimeOps™ empowers your business with state-of-the-art features for Organic Digital Demand Generation -  Source, Initiated Opportunity Identification - Initiate, and Real-time Opportunity Assessment - Assess.