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Business Process Services

Solid Process Foundation for a Digitalisation that works

 The RPA Life-Cycle

Designing and configuring a process automation is approached through its iterative 5-point life-cycle. Points from Plan to Develop are founded on Prime's business process discovery, modelling, analysis, and design.

​All of Prime's business process services are suited for RPA and include: rapid process discovery, automation-oriented process modelling, automation potential analysis, service and role transformation assessment, and robotic process design. 

The points from Develop to Go Live are delivered through Prime's Process Solutions and Digital Capability services.

Business Process Discovery

Identifying the boundaries, flows and variations in your operational business processes.

Together with your teams we identify products and services, business functions, roles, tasks, systems and data-sets. We work towards specifying their requirements for effective process improvement. Process discovery is performed at a RPA/IPA suited granularity. Lower granularity automated discovery performed in process mining can be assisting when event logs are available and more holistic level improvements are required.

Business Process Modelling

Connecting the dots by mapping your multilevel processes for improvement and automation.

We rely on global standard modelling notations and industry best practices to create detailed model representations of your operational processes. Our models are easily accessible to your business and IT. Automation-oriented modelling is key to documenting, developing, operating, and maintaining your automated processes.

Business Process Analysis

Your gateway to business improvement

We utilize bespoke process performance analysis (KPIs), workflow pattern analysis, frequent route analysis, exception analysis, and process simulation. Process-fit analysis clearly defines the gap between your current and envisaged state with measured ROI.

Business Process Design

​Good process design ushers value-added improvements. Great process design inspires the journey of your teams and customers.

Seamless customer experiences are powered by lean and low-friction business processes. Exception handling enables you to focus more on your core business flow. We design with lean principles and with pragmatic exception handling. Our tier-1 RPA/IPA process designs are modular in nature, highly reusable, and remarkably fault-tolerant. We design for business critical systems.

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