Digital Process Capability Development

The right mix of knowledge, skills, standards, and practices for effective DigitalOps.

Digital Operations Design

Building the cornerstones of your first Center of Excellence in alignment with business strategy.

Your first team is key to the success of your journey to digital process excellence. We define the roles, processes, reporting, operations, and governance structures for your in-house digital operations. DigitalOps design is effectively planning the build of a dedicated internal digitalization organisation.

Digital Operations Enablement

Empowering your Center of Excellence with the right knowledge, skills, and best practices.

Prime Automation provides training, standards, methods and practices based on BPM in research and the industry. We assist your digital process analysts, automation solution architects, and automation project leaders to achieve their best results with day training and continued support along their journey to excellence. Your initial CoE is your pathway to achieving Digital Process Operations. DigOps enablement is effectively first-operating your dedicated internal digitalization organisation.

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