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digital process operations 2020

DigitalOps Defined

An emerging form of Automatic Automation. DigitalOps is a software category dedicated to providing Digital Process Operations as-a-service. DigitalOps platforms provide the environment, tools, processes, standards, and methods to run digitalisation initiatives digitally, without having to rely on traditional Business Process Services.

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digital process operations 2020

Digital Process Operations in 2020

An overview of the main elements, enablers, and accelerators of digital process operations in global businesses. As well as an exemplary list of applicable industry segments and service domains with examples on how they are gaining from digital process technologies. 

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digital process operations 2020

Microbots Architecture: Composition and Orchestration

A contribution for building and orchestrating modular software robots using RPA technology. Reflecting on Microbots Composition through the layers of process abstraction and the scope-action granularity of each layer. And outlining the approach to Orchestration by setup-deployment. In conclusion, showing that achieving Microbots Architecture is enabled by Orchestration but actually has to originate at Composition. 

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digital process operations 2020

Prime Automation's Approach to Business and Technology

The people-first approach defines our values and helps us to more closely engage with ourselves and our clients in a way that brings all stakeholders a shared and sustained value. People are your customers, your employees, your partners, your suppliers, your shareholders and the wider society your business thrives in.

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triangle of digital process operations and automation

The Great Triangle of Digital Process Operations

Digital Process Operations resides at the core of this great triangleEach congruent side of the equilateral is a key pillar of achieving successful DigitalOps. 

At the very beginning the core appears floating in midair and disconnected from the three sides. How do we connect it? How do we provide it with more solid grounds? Keep reading to know.

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