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Platform Security and Data Privacy

How we protect  your data - in brief.

Data-in-transit Encryption

Universal SSL. Enforced HTTPS. Preloaded HSTS and TLS 1.2+ SHA-256 encryption at all times, both at the front-end and while in-transit to the backend. Non-encrypted access is not possible.

Data-at-rest Encryption

Transparent Data encryption (TDE). Encryption keys are themselves encrypted by a periodically-rotated 256-AES master key which is stored in separate systems. 

Access Controls

Strong password policies required on registration, unauthorized access does not lead to data that is machine-readable nor human-readable.

Record-level security

Database records can only be viewed by original record creators or authorized record editors.

Role-based security

Authorized roles can view data according to role permission level.

Backups & Disaster recovery

Database backups on different sites in the EU.

Cloudflare Protections

Edge network DDoS attack mitigation, malicious bots protections, and active intrustion detection, and DNSSEC-enabled for man-in-the-middle interception prevention.


We practice and comply with GDPR.

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