Process Technology Solutions 

Systems that assist on-demand and systems that run unattended to deliver your business results.


Robust and lean digitalisation and automation for seamless process operations

Developing for Operations

Designing and configuring a process automation is approached through its iterative 5-point life-cycle. Points from Plan to Develop are founded on Prime's business process discovery, modelling, analysis, and design.

​​Prime's Time-to-Concept is a quick assessment of technological feasibility through MVP demo. Concept-to-Operations development is iterations further with refinement analysis, solution design, exception management, ML model training, and process-aware agent development.

​Automation-oriented processes are delivered through Prime's Process Services. The establishment of internal DigitalOps is enabled with ​Prime's Digital Capability services.

Robot Solution Design

RPA bots can automate any software with presentation-layer integration.

Robots work on your behalf or at your signal. Bots can handle business actions like data gathering , analysis, and validation. They can also perform complex actions like communicating with and assisting users and customers. They can read documents, make an educated decision, and perform the next action. Intelligent bots can learn, anticipate, and forecast business outcomes.

Robot Development

Yes, we teach computers to work on their own.

We teach computers how to access, navigate, browse, understand, type, click, see, decide, send, share, and perform. We build the robots and deploy them to your operating environment or desktop. You are always in full control of how and when they operate.

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